Let There Be Light

We’ve got windows! There’s a teeny bit of trim work to complete, and a transom panel to install in place of the plywood above the pub entrance door on the corner, otherwise we’re done. And not a moment too soon, as we’re in for frigid temps and high winds over the weekend. Check it out:.

Exterior, now with windows!

We now have lots of natural light at our fancy executive conference table upstairs, where we make all of our important business-guy type decisions. Example: “Tacos?” “Indubitably!”

This space powered by hot air, a renewable resource
Business guy, making important decisions

Other exciting construction-related stuff: We’ve completed painting overhead on the first floor, and will now be focused on cutting and removing concrete. Our plans for connecting to the hydrant loop for fire sprinklers should be ready in a few days, and submitted to the city Engineering Department, with our interior renovation and food service plans following shortly after. Neato!

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Great work, folks!


Sounds good. I keep checking in here, looking for an opening date.


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