Actual, AND Visible, Progress

These are our exterior plans. As of now, there is only one pedestrian door, and one rollup door, on the south wall (Division St.) We’re adding back a lot of windows, where windows there once were.

South wall, with existing doors smack in the middle.

The taproom entrance will be on the west, off of Orleans St, at the corner, as shown below. We think the central figure in the existing mural will survive this work intact.

West side. Mural not shown.

On the east (alley) side, we’re putting in two doors; one for an emergency exit, one for kitchen/delivery. The existing heavy steel guardrails running the length of the wall had to be removed, at least where the doors are going. Fortunately, our staff brewer/demolition man/forklift driver had welder/plasma cutter added to his job description, so that got taken care of.

The masons arrived Friday and started their work. They set up scaffolding on the west side (Orleans St,) and removed lots of loose and/or bulging bricks, and rusted, delaminated lintels. By the end of the day they had replaced some bricks in the center, where there will be no window or lintel. This will help support the parapet while they get serious with new lintels etc.

It’s going to be mighty busy around here….

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Ps. The new roll-up door shown left of the little silhouette guy on the south elevation will be all glass panes, and open onto the taproom.


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