An update for Al*

We’re maybe not quite to the “hair on fire” stage, but it *is* hot in here. First was this:

That meant we could do this:

And by “we,” I mean skilled professionals

And this:

The first pour covered most of the brewery floor, and the taproom/bar area. Today the concrete guys set the forms for the steps and ramp between the taproom and the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as curbs delineating the brewery and the bar. Tomorrow they will pour the rest- kitchen, bathrooms, the aforementioned curbs. Then, in quick succession and/or simultaneously: wall framing, electrical and plumbing rough-in, kitchen walk-in cooler and hood installation, floor tile, etc etc. Do I smell singed hair?

* Al is my nephew, who lives in the far-off land of California, and who wants to know “if we’re ever going to open.”

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