Progress: Progressing

Things are happening fast hereabouts:

We have a floor, complete with ramps and curbs and things. In about two weeks, it will be cured enough to grind and seal/tile/epoxy, depending on the area. Walls are 80% framed, and electrical and plumbing rough-ins are under way. A welding crew performed some structural reinforcements of the roof deck to accommodate all the gear going up there, and the HVAC/refrig guys are poised to install ductwork, rooftop units, etc. Close on their heels will be the fire protection folks installing the sprinkler system. Along with superintending all the various trades and activities, I’m making ready to build a brick kneewall adjacent the bathrooms to support our grant fountain. Here’s some pics:

Newly poured curb and ramp to kitchen on right, bathrooms on left.
Curb and step for brewery area

Half wall atop brewery curb, bathrooms beyond to the left.
Bar wall on curb, back bar / storage behind, beer cooler to the left.
Big-ass exhaust hood for the cookline, waiting to be suspended from the deck overhead.
A cute li’l floor drain

It’s pretty bananas from here on out; look for Adventures in Bricklaying, coming soon.

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