Moar Infrastructure

For real:

We had 2 rooftop HVAC units, 2 exhaust fans, the beer cooler condenser, and the glycol chiller to go up on the roof, so we had to block the street for about 20 minutes. This is not unusual in Eastern Market; one might be held up by forklifts, livestock rigs, tractor-trailers, etc. What one does upon encountering something like this, if one is possessed of multiple brain cells, is to reverse and find a way around, such as the next street, incurring a delay of ~1 minute. What one does if one is That Guy, is sit and honk his horn the entire 20 minutes. I wonder if he does that at train crossings?

Anyways, we’re hoping to get all that pictured ductwork up off the floor, so we can grind/patch/fill and seal said floor. Fun!

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