What’s Going On

Not much visible progress of late, but we’ve been finalizing the remaining details for interior work and should be submitting for permits soon. Then we’ll be firing up the concrete saw and getting busy on pipe trenching and stairwell cutting. Meantime, we’re expecting to soon commence digging up Division Street to tap into the water main for our fire sprinklers. Thanks to two fairly recent successive water main breaks, this will be the third time in a year that that same section of street is excavated. Fun!

Since there’s a bit of a lull in physical work, I’ve been practicing welding on the abundant scrap metal hereabouts. I made a shelf to get the approximately 17 gazillion different battery chargers up off my workbench, and a holster/bracket thingy for my MIG gas bottle. Also this guy:

That’s Mr. WP (Welding Practice) Scraps in the vise. We think he might become part of a kinetic sculpture or some such. Stay tuned!

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