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Exterior construction is proceeding apace. Much of the masonry work is done on the south (Division St) side. There’s a little bit more brick to go around the opening for the new rollup door, and a flashing needs to be installed above the existing rollup door, which will happen after I rework the existing cowling to shed water instead of draining into the building. Then it’s around to the alley side, where there’s a bunch of remediation of bulging walls, plus two doors going in. Here’s a drone’s-eye view:

Pay no attention to the man on the roof

The scaffolding obscures it, but we have a new pedestrian door to the left of the existing overhead door. It’s in the reframed opening from the old pedestrian door, but this one has a window. Whoo! It’s getting a little easier to visualize the whole project as we chip away at it…

4 comments on “Latest Flyby

Art Zasadny

Can’t wait until you open!!!

Chris Merriman

Out of curiosity, are you going to be strictly brewing or will you have a kitchen? If you do plan on dining as well, what kind of food do you plan on serving?


Art, neither can we. I’m looking forward to one day being a brewer again, instead of a demolition man/plumber/electrician/welder/etc/etc…

Chris, we will have a full kitchen, with a varied menu that changes with the seasons to take full advantage of our local resources in Eastern Market, and to harmonize with the beers, which will follow the seasons as well.


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